About Us

About Us

American Film & Printing is a Flexographic printer and converter of high quality flexible packaging. Our custom made bags and printed roll stock serve a myriad of applications across a broad range of industries nationwide. Excellence in printing, attention to detail, and exceeding customer expectations are the cornerstones to our business model. American Film & Printing is located in Alvarado Texas, 30 miles Southeast of Fort Worth. We are proud to be an American based company, and proud to make products derived from domestic sources. We believe in buying American first and we are proud to say Made In The U.S.A. in all that we produce. If you require your packaging vendor to provide you with a package that highlights superior presentation qualities, delivered to you when you need it, at a price that will help keep you competitive in the marketplace, then AF&P is a company we hope you will consider as a supplier. We offer a dedicated team of printing professionals, knowledgeable plant personnel, and caring customer service agents. All of our employees work together to insure that your packaging order is processed and delivered to you with the quality you expect within the timeframe you need. At American Film and Printing we understand that every customer we have has made a choice in allowing us to manufacture their product. We strive to remember that with every order, for every customer, everyday.

Our Press Department

American Film & Printing utilizes the latest advances in flexographic printing presses.  This allows us to provide high quality print for a wide range of substrates, for many different applications.

Our eight color presses allow us to print full color process print for life-like graphics, and also gives us high speed options for packaging that requires fewer colors.

At AF&P, our press operators have many years of experience and have provided quality print for many notable brands nationwide.  From the very beginning of the printing process all the way through to the final step in quality control, out dedicated team of printing professionals are working to provide you with the best presentation possible for your packaging.

Using multiple presses allow our plant management the flexibility to alter the schedule daily in order to meet the demands of our customers.  When our customer's delivery time becomes an issue, our printing personnel have tha ability to adjust their press schedule in order to meet the needs of our clients.

Our Press Features:

  • Up to 8 color process print
  • 57" printing area
  • 1300 feet per minute
  • Sleeve system for quick changeover
  • Central impression printing system
  • In-line viscosity control
  • Automatic wash-up system

Our Extrusion Department

At AF&P, we extrude our own film from our Alvarado, Texas plant.  We have the unique capabilities of making our own film under the same roof that we print the film, convert the printed film into bags, and then ship the finished product.  This gives our schedulers and management team the ability to adjust quickly to meet any changes necessary in our production schedule.

The film produced at AF&P is made to the highest standards of quality by a team of extrusion specialists.  Our film extruders have been in the indusrty for many years making quality plastic film for companies across the nation.

Contact us at (817) 783-7600 if you are interested in trialing our film. We can provide samples based on your particular specifications.

Our Extruder Features:

  • Using state of the art Davis Equipment
  • 3 layer co-ex
  • Up to 80" sheet
  • Using oscillating nip
  • Lamination grade film
  • Food grade film
  • Light barrier film
  • Colored film
  • Thin gauge capabilities