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Without outstanding customer service we are nothing. Starting out very small as a company, we learned this simple fact long ago. We are only as good as the service we provide.

The things we know for sure is this: Our customers want to be comfortable doing business with us. They want to know, and be intimate, with the people providing them with something as vital as their packaging. They want to know that they can get answers or assistance whenever they need it.

Customer service is not something we provide at American Film & Printing, it’s what we are. We take the time to learn each of our customers and learn their unique requirements. Every company is different. Each company has built their business different, and they require service that can assist them in the way that they run their business. Custom fitting our services, to meet your unique requirements, is what sets American Film & Printing apart from other flexible packaging printers.

When doing business with American Film & Printing you will be working with a dedicated sales rep. that will learn your business, and your requirements, on a personal detailed level. Also you will have a dedicated customer service rep. that will be able to assist you with any questions you may have during the process of filling your order. From press schedules, to estimated delivery dates, your knowledgeable customer service rep can help on every level. Anytime you have questions or need help, someone from American Film & Printing will be available to assist in any way possible.

Contact us at (817) 783-7600 to speak with us about our flexible packaging services.